Leogang UCI World CUP

Our home worldcup Race in Leogang/Salzburg was a great Event with a not so cheerful weather good. It was a mixture of rain and sun which gives the downhill and 4X track variable conditions. Anyway the track was in good condition all the time; Compliment to the track builder! For our Team the worldcup race was very successful! The whole Team has participated and here are the results Petra Bernhard took after 6th place in Qualification also the 6th place in the downhill competition. “Petzi” shows an unbound ride with great performance and she also indicates her future. http://www.alpinecommencal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category… Helene Fruhwirt took the 6th place in 4X. Helene wrestled down her competitor with an incredible pedalling. It was really unbelievable performance; great to see and great for the public. www.miss-downhill.com Boris Tetzlaff took after 43rd place in Qualification the 33rd place in the downhill finals. 33rd with a bad mistake in the first section! So we are expecting to see him in the Top 20 in World Ranking. www.boristetzlaff.com Hannes Slavik took the 25th place in the 4X competition, after a not optimal start. www.hannesslavik.com Pitch for Mathias Haas and Manuel Gruber in the qualification round, because the weather was changing from sunny to rain, so it was not possible to bring down a good qualification time.