“Fith Wheel” – movie editing contest

The movie edit “Fith Wheel” was voted at the 3rd place at the “Stray Cinema Contest” for 2012. I am very happy that i made it to this place out of 89 contributors.

You can watch my edit here: http://www.straycinema.com/watch/fifth-wheel/

The result announcement: http://www.straycinema.com/blog/top-5-announcement/



What is “Stray Cinema”?

Stray Cinema is an open source film that launched in 2006. It is an experiment that combines filmmaking with online information sharing.

For each round of Stray Cinema we offer raw footage taken from a new place – the current round is taken from the feature film Beginning, Middle & End, set in Melbourne, Australia. Previous rounds have been set in London and a desert near Barcelona.

We would love you to submit a 2-6 minute segment of the film you wish to make with this footage onto this website to be included in our competition.

We challenge you to make a more interesting cut of the film than the director does.

Your film will be voted by our online community, and the top five films will debut at our screening event.